Anemos Wind Power Predictions

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Ramps and Extreme Events

Time response of two predicted (green) and actually occuring ramps (blue)Managing extreme events such as storm fronts is becoming an ever more important task in light of increasing amounts of wind energy in the electricity grid.

We tackle this challenge with specialized models for ramp prediction, coupled with an alarming system for extreme situations which informs the user of expected power surges, declines or shut-down events as early as possible.


Ramps and Extreme Events


Anemos Key Facts

  • World-Wide Predictions
  • Multi-Model Approach
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Prediction Uncertainty
  • Ramps and Extreme Events
  • More than 50 GW Installed
  • 100% Achieved Availability
  • 24/7 Standby Team
  • Research and Development
  • Offshore Wind Farms