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Invited talk at the 16th International Conference “Intelligent System Applications to Power Systems” ISAP 2011

With its opening presentation on “Wind Power Predictions and Beyond” along with a talk on the subject of extreme events in wind energy, Overspeed was represented at the conference "Intelligent System Applications to Power Systems", ISAP.

Armines, DTU, Enfor and Cener also presented their current research findings on the state of the art in wind power forecasting.

The yearly ISAP conference, having taken place this year on the Isle of Crete, is among the central events in the area of “Modern mathematical and physical modelling methods and energy systems”.


Anemos group successful at the European Wind Energy Conference EWEA 2011

The Anemos group successfully presented itself at the European wind energy conference EWEA 2011 (formerly EWEC). In all, five contributions were selected by a jury of experts where the employees of the Anemos group participated as authors or co-authors.

With its article “Anemos.Rulez: Extreme and Ramp Event Alarming to Support Stability of Energy Grids”, Anemos partner Overspeed took up a current topic in the area of wind power predictions which allows extreme events such as storm fronts and shutting down of wind farms to be forecasted.

Further publications deal with the turning big EU-funded research projects into commercial successes.


Reduced need of balancing energy through optimal predictions

Together with the Portugese grid operator REN and the INESC research institute, Overspeed organized the wind power prediction workshop for Portugal. More than 70 participants consisting of energy providers, wind park operators, meteorological service providers and research institutes convened to inform themselves on the latest results from the research project.

Overspeed put its optimized wind power prediction for Portugal to practice with the Anemos (WPP) system. These predictions and an advanced modelling of the Portugese power grid, allowed INESC the success of reducing the need for balancing energy by a third.

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Anemos Key Facts

  • World-Wide Predictions
  • Multi-Model Approach
  • Highest Accuracy
  • Prediction Uncertainty
  • Ramps and Extreme Events
  • More than 50 GW Installed
  • 100% Achieved Availability
  • 24/7 Standby Team
  • Research and Development
  • EU Project
  • EU Project Safewind
  • Offshore Wind Farms